Hiking in the Galapagos

Hiking in the Galapagos

The Galapagos (Ecuador) are volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean in South America. They are composed of 18 major islands and 3 minor islands. The capital city is Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. The official language is Spanish. The Galapagos are famous for their endemic species.

In fact, it is home to penguins, green turtles, marine iguanas, whales, and many inland and sea animals. The Galapagos Islands are among the UNESCO World Heritage Sites because of its architecture, and animal and plant diversity. The Galapagos are popular destinations due to its fascinating landscape.

Is its home to 17th-century palaces and interesting religious sites. Tourists from around the world come to the islands every year to hike and kayak in the spectacular islands. Let us explore four hiking trails in the Galapagos with the online travel agency eDreams.

Best Hiking trails in the Galapagos

  •  Volcan Negro, near Santo Tomas: This Black Mountain in Isabella Island is 1,124 m high. The volcano is still active. In fact, it last erupted in June 2018. The hiking trails are not steep, which give opportunity for beginner hikers to easily climb the mountains. 
  • Puerto Villamil, Galapagos in Ecuador: It is located in Isla Isabella. Puerto Villamil is home to most of its 2,200 population. It is famous for its tortoises, sea cucumbers, flamingoes, stilts, pintails, and other animal species. The mountain is an easy trail for hikers because it is not steep. 
  • Puerto Baquerizo, Galapagos: The hiking trail is situated near Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. It is moderately steep with the highest peak of 5.84 miles. The site is endowed with endemic birds. You can have refreshing drinks and lunch at Alami Boutique Hotel Watamu after your hike. 
  • Santa Cruz, Galapagos: The hiking trail is located near Puerto Ayora. It is moderately high, with the highest peak at 7.78 miles. 
  • Parque Nacional Galapagos, Ecuador: It is located near Puerto Ayora, Galpagos. The highest peak is 4.81 miles. The hiking trails are moderately steep. The fascinating landscape is so relaxing during the hike through the Parque Nacional.

Plan your adventure in the Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos are groups of volcanic islands in Ecuador, in the Pacific Ocean. Hiking along its panoramic mountains will give you a unique opportunity to discover the islands with its animal and plant diversity.

The Galpagos islands are real jewels in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. To discover the islands and their fascinating hiking trails, browse through the internet and choose your destination. To get to the islands, choose your flight carrier through eDreams and then book your flight.

The best time to go to the islands is from July to September when the weather is good. For an accommodation, it is also recommended to book through the same eDreams. As a branch of the first online travel agency ODIGEO, it operates in many countries in the world. In fact, it has many affiliate tour operators and hotels in many cities and regions in the world. Make sure that your hiking equipment is in good condition before you leave for the Galapagos Islands. Happy traveling!